Products and Services

SENIOROI brings complex, strategic marketing solutions to senior living. We have created our own proprietary data cleansing process that is unlike anything else offered in the industry. Our process validates the integrity of email and postal addresses and ensures that the data selections fit your targeted needs. We can create custom applications to manage your essential data and provide custom reporting, trigger and drip marketing campaigns.

SENIOROI is the driving force for your targeted marketing needs. Whether the project is mail, email, web or social media, SENIOROI manages and safeguards multi-channel delivery to your customers. We understand the integral part of any successful marketing campaign is to get your message delivered on time and on target.

Through SENIOROI, you have access to the best direct mail lists and marketing services available. The unique demographic criteria selection process we created allows you to find significantly more prospects in your target market. Our products and services include:
  • Prospect Lists- The Multi-Database Advantage
  • Family Ties / Adult Child List
  • Adult Child with Elderly Parent Present List
  • Self reported Ailment File
  • Comprehensive Hygiene Suite for In House and Prospect Lists
  • Custom Data Appends
  • E-mail marketing (prospecting and blasting)
  • E-mail append
  • Print and Mail Fulfillment
  • Delivery tracking, reporting and analysis
  • Inbound Call reporting and analysis
  • Outbound Call reporting and analysis